Strategic Life Planning

A life strategist is a professional who helps individuals to identify and achieve their personal and professional goals, by developing comprehensive and strategic plans that consider all aspects of their life in the context of their life span (see more in the post “Life Spans and Domains”). Here are some specific tasks and responsibilities that we may include as part of your planning sessions. Note that, like most creative processes, the items below are not intended to be a done “one time” in the linear fashion below, but may revisited during the development of your plan:

  1. The Lay of the Land: A Comprehensive assessment. A life strategist begins by conducting a comprehensive assessment of their client’s life, looking at a variety of life “domains” such as career, relationships, health, social connection, and personal development. I also use a variety of assessments to help individuals conduct a survey of their personality types, values, and more.
  2. Milestones: Goal setting. Based on the assessments, my role as a life strategist would be to help you identify specific and measurable goals in the areas of your life of interest to you. In other words, we will identify and write goals around your personal milestone markers.
  3. Mapping the journey: Strategic planning. Here’s the fun part! Considering your strengths, values, preferences and challenges, in conjunction with your current capacity and present life stage, we will develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals–one step at a time.
  4. Checking in: Accountability and follow-up. This part is really all about you, the client. If you are interested and find you need it, I can be your journey partner, providing check ins based on your preferences. As a life strategist, I can provide you with ongoing support and accountability, helping them stay focused and committed to their goals.
  5. Practicing: Skill building. Together, we can identify any skills and/or knowledge needed to achieve their goals, such as time management, communication, and advocacy.
  6. Gathering your gear: Resource identification. One of the most important aspects of any journey is identifying what is needed–the resources–to reach their milestones. These can be things as tangible as a planner, as concrete as a tai chi class, as specific as a governmental resources, and as broad as a support network.
  7. Staying on an even keel: Life balance. Balance is imperative. When a boat keels too far, it can take on water and sink. As a life strategist, I can help you attempt to achieve balance in your life, ensuring that you aren’t neglecting any important aspects of your life while pursuing your goals.

Seems daunting–but you’ve got this!

You’ve got the Launch Project!