About The Launch Project

Welcome to The Launch Project. My name is Jodi Jarvis and as a strengths-based strategic life coach, I am passionate about helping individuals of all ages and abilities clarify their strengths, their preferences and their values to create an actionable plan and journey toward what they want in their lives.

How, you wonder? With a person-first focus.

With skills gained from my 25+ years as a writing professor, my on-going training in coaching and advocacy, and my lived experiences, I use person-centered planning (think: what is important to me and for me?) and deliberation processes (think: what might I trade to get those important things?) to help you create your strategic life plan.

Together, we will uncover your strengths, beliefs, values, and goals. The purpose? To help you define what you want in your life, create a plan–a map–to start on that journey, and identify the resources you’ll need along the way. 

For more information about Person-Centered Planning, see my blog.